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Experienced Heat Treaters for Over 60 Years

Heat Treating Specialists

The purpose for this treatment is to remove stresses or soften the material for improved machinability or formability... more
Tempering usually follows a quenching operation. This treatment is generally considered effective in relieving stresses induced by quenching... more
Stress Relieving
Thermal Stress Relieving is generally applied to metallic materials that have been cold-worked, machined, flame-cut, or weld-fabricated... more
Normalizing is generally applied to enhance the uniformity of the material microstructure by refining the grain size...
Hardening via water-quench, oil-quench, forced- or still-air quench, or aging results in improved mechanical properties... more
Quenching via water-quench, oil-quench, forced- or still-air quench results in improved mechanical properties... more

Pittsburgh Metal Processing Co., Inc is an Experienced Heat Treater with over 60 Years in the Industrial and Commercial Heat Treating Business. PMP Specializes in heat treating of both Ferrous and Nonferrous Alloys.

Short Lead Times / Quick Turnaround
Lead Times are three to five days - with most orders processed within three days.

Full Compliment of Furnaces Sizes
10 Furnaces ranging from 4’x6’ to 14’x40’
Large Capacity - Up to 40 feet in length.

Wide Temperature Range and Time-Temperature Charting Capabilities
300°F to 2250°

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Pittsburgh Metal Processing Co., Inc.

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